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AviTal P. Profile Thumb

AviTal P.

5 days ago

The people here are really nice, the people at the front office are almost always helpful, and the amenities are pretty good as well. There's a lot of communication that notifies us about anything that goes on in our community. Overall this place has a nice setup and it's just a block from campus which is very convenient.

Jessica R. Profile Thumb

Jessica R.

5 days ago

I love the look of the rebel place apartment complexes. They appear very clean and organized because of the people living there and the management too.

Mariah S. Profile Thumb

Mariah S.

7 days ago

The rebel place gave me the best rent prices and even updated the outside so it looks nicer. Although, I feel that it would be a better place to live if it wasn't in a bad area of Vegas. In that, I'm thankful for the gates we have.

Marina S. Profile Thumb

Marina S.

17 days ago

Overall pretty good! We did need our couch replaced and some of the cabinets are damaged (we believe from the prior residents having a dog). But so far it’s good!

Keith A. Profile Thumb

Keith A.

18 days ago

Very nice and clean place to live and the staff is awesome not only that they beat places like prime apartments which is a great prime apartments no stars but if y'all had 10 Stars I would grade rebels place 10 out of 10 100%

Thomas D. Profile Thumb

Thomas D.

18 days ago

Very accommodating and nice, want everyone to be pleased and welcome. I appreciate the kindness and the patience in the front office! Thank you!

Carolina C. Profile Thumb

Carolina C.

18 days ago

Its a great place to live in. The staff are very helpful on everything. & its a safe place because they have cameras to secure us and a security.

Latrice G. Profile Thumb

Latrice G.

19 days ago

So far, this place is really nice. Some of the people that i have met so far are cool. I like how everything is included into the apartment. The two locks on the door and the lock on our own rooms makes it feel real safe in here. It could look a little bit more safer at night. Add a bit more security maybe.