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Taylor G. Profile Thumb

Taylor G.

4 days ago

Not bad, but not flawless either. Friendly people in the office (except Aaron who delivers the wrong mail to the wrong apartments and is sassier than shit). Its a great place for students, especially if moving with friends!

Kara J. Profile Thumb

Kara J.

18 days ago

Overall not a bad place to live if you are a college student on a budget. Noise is something that you have to deal with but is mostly manageable. Office staff is very nice and helpful

Hi Kara! I am glad that you are enjoying your stay here at Rebel Place. We strive to provide a comfortable and affordable place for our college students to live while in school. If you need anything from the staff please reach out to us and we can help you out! :)

Jason B. Profile Thumb

Jason B.

18 days ago

Remodel the building with. New paint and modern lighting outside of appartment doors looks great the appliances in the apartment are great big fridge and ice box and microwave is great and dependable plus the full size washer and dryer is great for big loads and doing your sheets and it's very quiet both the washer and a dryer so you can take a nap when you're doing your laundry and not be interrupted by a large poking noises of shoes or jeans making noises while it's drying great-great-great

Hi Jason! We are so glad you are loving the upgrades that we have done on our property and more good stuff coming soon. The amenities are defiantly a plus in the apartment and it makes us happy that you are utilizing them all. Let us know if you need anything from our staff!

Kylie J. Profile Thumb

Kylie J.

1 month ago

Loving living here. Residential room yo myself with my personal belongings at a low price. Help out with furniture that can be replaced when needed. Help out with utilities bill, and low price rent. Procedures for cleaning duties and fixing duties or live problems are always solved within 2 days. Help with cable and internet are also good. Staffis very nice and willing to work with residents. Thank you rebel place!! My daughter, friends & boyfriend's appreciate it!!

Hey there Kylie! Thank you so much for your awesome review. We are glad to see that you are enjoying your stay here!

Layla O. Profile Thumb

Layla O.

1 month ago

Office staff have gotten better and there seems to be more concern for resident comments now. however, i take away a star because there is still a major lack of trash cans around property and the package notification system doesn’t always notify me of my packages on the day they are delivered but they threaten to return to sender to sender all unclaimed packages attempts at increasing security have been made most importantly- we live in an unsafe location and should have 24 hour security like we were promised rather than some guy who stands in the parking lot only at night

Hi Layla, we appreciate your honesty. We aim to make changes everyday in our community to make it the best place to stay and apologize if we have under exceeded your expectations. We never want our residents to feel threaten but we do want to make them aware. For packages some residents get food items sent and forget to retrieve so we send out a notification that we cannot store unperishable food items in our package room as they tend to spoil and go bad. For security, I am not sure of your experience with someone promising your 24- hour security but under the new management our security schedule has change. They are on site from 7pm-7am which are the hours in which the office is closed. During office hours you are able to contact the staff as well as maintenance for any issues and we can handle them accordingly. We are trying our best to improve the property and the experience for all of our residents and appreciate you honesty as it will help management get better.

Elisa R. Profile Thumb

Elisa R.

2 months ago

Now that they renewed everything looks better. It looks nice outside with the white and blu. It is a nice comunity also if it is not in a good location.

Hi Elisa we appreciate your honest opinion. We are glad you are noticing the improvements and much more are on the way!

Cherry M. Profile Thumb

Cherry M.

2 months ago

Pro: The community is great! The surrounding is clean. The management are nice and very helpful. I love how they have events to entertain the residents. Cons: They are slow when it comes to getting maintenance services. It takes weeks for it before they come.

Hi Cherry, thank you for your critiques. Maintenance has currently experienced a decrease in staff which might explain the time length it takes to get a request fulfilled but we do appreciate your patiences and hopefully you will notice the increase in service once we are fully staffed again. We are always here for you and we got more fun resident events coming your way! We appreciate you participating in them :)

Robert D. Profile Thumb

Robert D.

2 months ago

Love the community and the staff at Rebel Place. Thoroughly enjoying my residence and jumped at the opportunity to re-up on my lease. Would absolutely recommend.

I am so happy that you enjoy your home and are staying with us for another year! We enjoy you just as much as you enjoy being apart of our family and are super excited for you to enjoy our new amenities that are coming so soon!