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Layla O.

19 hours ago

Haven’t had any issues recently, the communication with maintenance around property is still not very helpful (ex: pressure washing my hallway like a month after the notice). It feels like management barely ever knows the entirety of their plans before going through with them. The paint looks like it will look nice. Where has security been though? I never see them around at night

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20 hours ago

Starting to see some outstanding improvements across the property, however much must be done about the excessive transients still finding new and creative ways to sneak into the property i.e. trash scavengers, vagabonds, etc.

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Calvin R.

20 hours ago

The Rebel Place staff are very efficient and friendly! My questions and concerns are always addressed immediately. The apartment complex is also in a great location with easy access to the university.

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Siangicha M.

1 day ago

Thanks for the comfortable place to come back to after a noisy and busy Vegas day. Looking forward to a few more months of good weather before crazy summer.

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Devona C.

1 day ago

I think that there are some great changes with the appearance of the community and I hope that the office becomes more consistent and faster with maintenance issues. Overall, this hasn’t been a horrible experience!

Hi Devona, we love that you are apart of our Rebel Place Family and enjoy your home. We take your concerns seriously and will defiantly work on handling your maintenance issue efficiently. Please let us know if there is anything you want us to do for you :)

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Elisa R.

2 days ago

I had a good residential experience here. However like everything there were high and low. I think that some things can be fixed by the apartment community and make the residential experience better.

Hi Elisa, we appreciate your feedback and would love to consider your suggestions to improve the property for yourself and your neighbors. Please let us know what we can do to better your experience with us :)

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Stormie A.

2 days ago

There's some pros and cons for Rebel Place. The rent isn't too bad and the shuttle is a godsent. But the neighbors are loud, ecspecially in the middle of the night. The doors don't fit properly and things break all the time. They charge $20 to pay for rent online, which is insane.

Hi Stormie, I am glad you are enjoying the amenities that we offer to our Rebel residents. We really appreciate you being apart of our family.. wouldn't be the same without you. In regards to paying your rent, that $20 fee is charged by the bank to process the payment but there are ways around that. You can process your payment online using the "e-check" option and it will be complete Free. If you need help accessing that just let us know and we will be glad to help you :)