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Noah L. Profile Thumb

Noah L.

3 days ago

Woulda been nice to know had to pay with to separate money orders and that me and my friend had to pay 577.40 each not in total you guys should have been more’s not even in the lease ??

Sean B. Profile Thumb

Sean B.

5 days ago

I really enjoy my accommodations and the quick service I receive if the there is an issue in the apartment. Staff is always friendly and listens to my needs.

Amanda Mara R. Profile Thumb

Amanda Mara R.

5 days ago

I like the apartment but if I need a maintenance done, it takes a few try’s before someone comes to fix it. I also only had 24h to get ready to a new Roomate moving in, when the office had told us they would let us know at least the Saturday before she moved in (she moved in on Wednesday).

Stephanie W. Profile Thumb

Stephanie W.

9 days ago

My roommates are great and the prices are the lowest they can be gives me more freedom and security with the gates. I will like to recommend you to my friends and family to movie in .

Brian H. Profile Thumb

Brian H.

12 days ago

Gated community with good living spaces. So far so good, and I do not hear others, which is great. Decent amenities that include a gym and pool area.