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Jenallee L. Profile Thumb

Jenallee L.

9 days ago

Love the community! Rebel place really feels like a family and I love how everyone is so nice and supportive of each other. The changes to the amenities will make it even a better place to live. Can’t wait.

Hey Jenallee, we love you being apart of the family, it wouldn't be the same without you! The new changes are happening fast and can't wait for you to see the changes and get to utilize them! If you ever need anything please let me know :)

Samantha B. Profile Thumb

Samantha B.

15 days ago

I have only been living here at Rebel place for about 3 weeks and I can do far say that it is a very clean environment. The tenants are very friendly. The staff members are helpful and cooperative.

Hi Samantha! Welcome to the family we are so happy to have you here! If you ever need anything please let me know and we will make it a priority to assist you :)

Kenneth T. Profile Thumb

Kenneth T.

17 days ago

it has been very col so far. my roommates are quite and keep to themselves. You cant beet the value and the Staff is Amazing. Parking is convenient and the renovation is going along smoothly.

Hey Kenneth, I am so happy your experience has been great so far! We appreciate you join our Rebel Place Family and super excited for our upgrades that will make you fall in love with the property that much more! If you ever need anything please let me know :)

Taylor G. Profile Thumb

Taylor G.

23 days ago

Great if you don’t mind living with others! I am a college student, so the shuttle is a great way for me to get to and from campus. Maintenance is very responsive. Not the best area, but the fact that its gated makes me feel safer I guess.

Hi Taylor, Thank you for your kind word! We enjoy your being apart of our Rebel Place Family and look forward to showcasing our new amenities to you to make your experience that much better!

Nicholas M. Profile Thumb

Nicholas M.

24 days ago

I think that RebelPlace has been pretty great as far as cleanliness and such. I'd like to see some of the fees for maintenance go down a bit, but other than that I have no complaints.

Hi Nicholas, I am glad you are enjoying your apartment. If you have any further concerns please bring it to our attention so we can address the issue. We enjoy you being apart of our family :)

Dominion E. Profile Thumb

Dominion E.

26 days ago

It has been a good experience living here. Unfortunately I won’t be coming back If I could I would come back again. The staff has been understanding since I moved in

Hi Dominion, We appreciate you being apart of the Rebel Place Family and are so sad to see you go but we know you will do great in your future endeavors on the football field! We are routing for you and congrats on graduating!!

Layla O. Profile Thumb

Layla O.

1 month ago

Haven’t had any issues recently, the communication with maintenance around property is still not very helpful (ex: pressure washing my hallway like a month after the notice). It feels like management barely ever knows the entirety of their plans before going through with them. The paint looks like it will look nice. Where has security been though? I never see them around at night

Hi Layla, I apologize about the issues that you have being experiencing. With the renovation, we have a 3rd party vendor team working and we are working on improving our communication with them about projects on sight that will inconvenience you and the other residents so we can send out proper notification. With security. We have a guard that does scheduled routine walks around property throughout their shift which is why you possible may be missing them at night but they are here on property every night. Like always we are here for you and to address an of your concerns so please don't hesitate to reach out to the office :)