Jason B. Profile Thumb

Jason B.

1 hour ago

Great location for living by the strip with real good pricing it's gated community makes it a safe place to live and the package email system great

Elizabeth A. Profile Thumb

Elizabeth A.

3 hours ago

I wasn't impressed with the actual unit. The cabinets are in horrible condition. I got very frustrated with how slow management can be to fixing things around the complex. I think I've been overcharged for rent considering what I've been given. However, nothing horrific has happened yet to earn only 1 star and hopefully it can stay that way.

Nicholas M. Profile Thumb

Nicholas M.

20 hours ago

The community is okay. The internet is relatively good and overall the includement of utilities is nice. I think the business model should be more about quality.

Noah M. Profile Thumb

Noah M.

7 days ago

Overall, an okay place to rent an apartment for students. The community area can be very noisy at times and the internet connections are not the best. Sometimes the amenities being offered can't be used.

Tarrick S. Profile Thumb

Tarrick S.

9 days ago

When I first look up the website. This place looks amazing. I'm from Chicago going to school in December 2019. I apply and sign a contract contract starts at November. I had some unfortunate circumstances happen and had to postpone my move in December. Im not sure how the leasing manger thinks of me but when I was letting her know I was coming next month just to have good communication. She immediately threw the contract in my face saying I signed a contract. I didn't even ask to postpone my contract or nothing. Ive got the message saved for proof. I also had another incident that when I was signing the contract and had to sign and intial in the 44 page contract. She offered a price on that was 50 bucks cheaper. When I went online. That price was accurate. It took me two hours to go back and forth to fill it out while I was working. In the middle of the signing it went up. I ask her to honor to price for me and she said she never said any price. Made me feel like I was lying. So far it seem like I'm going to have alot of problems In th future with management. I'm very easy person. I don't like to complain but Kennedy Logan doesn't make it easy for me not to.

Robert D. Profile Thumb

Robert D.

11 days ago

I’m a satisfied resident with no substantial complaints. Hannin in the office has always answered all of my questions in a timely and professional manner.

Hi Robert, I am glad that you enjoyed your move-in! It makes us to happy that you are apart of the Rebel Place Family :) If you ever need anything from us please let us know

Jenallee L. Profile Thumb

Jenallee L.

14 days ago

My experience at Rebel Place has been great so far! There were a little hiccups in the beginning but ever since the issue was fixed, I love living at Rebel Place! Such a friendly staff that really care about their residents, such a home feeling.

Hey Jenallee, We are so glad that you are enjoying Rebel Place. We aim to make all of our residents at home and apart of the Rebel Place family. We sincerely appreciate you :)