Christopher J. Profile Thumb

Christopher J.

4 days ago

I really like living here it is really great and the people here are great too. I just be kicking it and stuff like that so yea its coo living here

Bronwyn S. Profile Thumb

Bronwyn S.

4 days ago

Rebel Place is just okay. The management could be far better but the facilities are fine. The shuttle to campus is a life saver, since I don't have a car.

Tyler H. Profile Thumb

Tyler H.

4 days ago

Overall the place is good for the money. Nothing fancy, nothing wrong. If you aren’t sensitive about much, then you’ll be ok. Safe and reliable enough

Jordan F. Profile Thumb

Jordan F.

4 days ago

It’s getting much better and I’m starting to love the improvements that rebel place has made in the past couple months. I’ve decided that I will most likely be renewing my lease.

Taylor G. Profile Thumb

Taylor G.

5 days ago

I love living here, but I hate the area. If Rebel Place was located in a safer environment, then I would enjoy my time way more. The area is definitely unsafe and sketchy.

Hi Taylor, We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your home away from home here at Rebel Place. We are so happy you are apart of the family. :)

Layla O. Profile Thumb

Layla O.

5 days ago

Things have improved since management has changed over. Communication is much better and maintenance is speedy. The parking lot still feels unsafe and I haven’t seen security in a long time. Overall, my experience living here has gotten better but can still improve

Hey Layla, Thank you for your review! We are happy that you are seeing the improvements on the property and there are many move to come! Security does walk the property during their shift o maybe you are missing them but we will look into getting more guards, thank you for your concerns. We enjoy you as a resident and apart of the Rebel Place family :)

Nicholas M. Profile Thumb

Nicholas M.

14 days ago

I would say that so far, my resident experience has been exceptional. Everyone in the office is very nice and they are very patient, which I definitely appreciate since I am a first time renter. I love the layout of my apartment and I love the absolutely beautiful view of the Strip from my living room window.

Hey Nicholas! I am happy you are enjoying your stay here at Rebel Place. We appreciate you as a resident and will always be here to help you whenever you need it :)

Daejha H. Profile Thumb

Daejha H.

20 days ago

This is a cool place, especially if you are a student. Management is alright, maintenance workers usually respond in a week. There are a lot of cool places near Rebel Places

Thank you for the review Daejha, We will work with our maintenance to get quicker response times!